NaNiDa’s Potato Bake Mix 140g



Flour, onion, green onion, garlic, dehydrated milk, herbs and spices.

This is a salt free mix.



Born in the Dauphiné, an ancient historical territory now covered by the departments of Isère, Drome and Hautes-Alpes, this dish also called “potatoes à la dauphinoise” appeared, in a first slightly different form, between the 16th and 17th centuries in Italy and Switzerland, but it was in 1788 that it became part of French (gastronomic) history.

On July 12 of that pre-revolutionary year, the Duke of Clermont-Tonnerre served it to his officers who had avoided, under his recommendation, a confrontation with the insurgents. Associated with this narrowly avoided massacre in the town of Gap, the dish, modestly composed of potato slices, milk and garlic, quickly became popular and its recipe spread to inns throughout the Southeast region before arriving in Paris.

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