Cajun Spice Mix


Garlic powder health benefits:
Garlic powder is additionally used as a solution for infection, especially chest and fungal infections, digestive problems.

    • Garlic powder also controlsblood glucose levels. Garlic extracts bring down the blood homocysteine level.
    • In naturopathy, garlic powder is used as a treatment forintestinal parasites and intestinal worms.
    • Garlic is awesome for the circulatory system and heart.
    • It has been demonstrated to lower cholesterol and thin the blood, prevent stroke, hypertension and heart illness.
  • Blocks the development of tumour cells, people who eat garlic have a tendency to develop less stomach and colon malignancy.
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Salt, garlic powder, onion powder, Paprika,

oregano, White pepper, chili powder, Celery seed

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