Where it Started


Making sauces has always been a passion. Creating something good to make a meal just that little bit more exceptional a challenge in itself.
The inspiration for the Spicy Range started with African Hot Sauce.  My partner and I loved the taste, but found it a bit pricey to buy at the rate we were using it.  

So, one day I looked at the ingredients on the bottle, and decided to make my own version of it. Using the basics and my own cooking know-how, I created the first of the spicy sauce. It was chunky like the chutneys we usually make, as at that time I did not have a blender.

I created this sauce for my partner as she was crazy about spicy sauces.

This is an eternal “I love you 4eva” from me to her.

Coming to China, I just continued making her sauces and sharing with friends.  This is where the interest sparked and a good friend said,

“Why don’t you bottle and sell them?”…..And that is how it all started …